Episode 1

Published on:

31st Aug 2022

Pilot - Apple, Facebook, NFT Communities, Quiet Quitting

In this inaugural episode Brian and Troy discuss who's the biggest asshole, Apple or Facebook? Also, is quiet quitting a thing and if so, is it bad? Plus, Game of Thrones, The Six Million Dollar Man, and watching ads in Saskatchewan.


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Brian: I like the house, the dragon, but I I'm like annoying as shit about it. Cuz I always ask Donna what's going on? I don't remember any of

an up town always have to be [:

and you turn into a white Walker.


omplaint and maybe it's like [:

Troy: I dunno. I think the pace of technol technological change accelerated recently.

Brian: [:


Troy: yeah, they would, they would've had flip phones and we, and then in, you know, the others would've had iPhones.

ame of Thrones is like, They [:

g, and I thought. It's like, [:

Brian: [:

Troy: Alex is gonna nerd out and tell me that I've got it all wrong because you need the, the swords to Pierce the armor, blah, blah, blah.

But that's just like super nerdy and stupid.

Brian: Wow [:


Troy: Mm-hmm

(Hard cut to NFTs?)

phone call with these guys. [:

ld say in like a niche media [:

mic interest is getting this [:

It were a disservice [:

And then after that, um, [:

Brian: They

Troy: because, and then it turned out

Brian: an instance where it's being used recklessly.

I used it recklessly in two [:

achine versus community is a [:

it was born kind of out of. [:

So that was the community topic,

Yeah, no, I mean, I, I like [:

Troy: but there's energy

Brian: is there, is

Troy: and.

Brian: energy in these communities now that

y in people that have shared [:

be a fashion line. It could [:

Brian: [:

ecause we can't financialize [:

Troy: versus algorithms doesn't mean that the people win. It doesn't mean that I'm for the people.

Brian: Oh, you're not.

Troy: Well, I [:

hms pay better, but like you [:

He's a supply chain, [:

's a really great, you know, [:

That's it.

e, uh, what I would, would I [:

commerce company and you're [:

e we're running outta growth [:

watch running outta.

Brian: so you could actually invent new shit that people want, like is what apple used to do

oy: I have had apple as the, [:

Brian: do you honestly feel some sort of emotional tech like connection to like a, a phone?

Troy: Massive. Sure. Of course I use it every day.

Brian: [:

Troy: No, I'm very grateful to apple for all that. They've contributed to my life.

Brian: seriously.[:

Troy: Yeah.

Brian: Uh, I could care less

Troy: Okay. Go get an Android phone then I,

Brian: like, I,

e. I wouldn't like, but like [:

y still make great things. I [:

Brian: The Nicorettes kicking in

s, is I think, I think we're [:

Brian: yeah, it's the good stuff.

Troy: Um, we should do Ette corner. Troy's Ette corner.


Um, but I,

ian: You should feel more of [:

: On the Facebook thing app, [:

We'll just copy. [:

feature. We'll add that. No [:

Brian: But that's pretty [:


Troy: of course it's common.

ff is like people break off, [:

So they partner or sell

out the whole thing is about [:

d created a kind of a system [:

And then it wasn't. [:

It's it just, if they're not evil,

ust about every cause again, [:

Um, but maybe


eah, it's right. Like, is it [:

Brian: yeah. Kind of,[:

Troy: Yeah. I mean, I think [:

omes to like on the ad side, [:

le just collects is just the [:



Brian: Have you been following these viral videos of young people who work at these big tech companies?

Troy: Oh, that sounds interesting. I'd like to see that.

Brian: It's like their [:

s just the fact that they've [:

Gmail. It's better slightly. [:

s really a really nice Curry [:

So I passed on them.

Brian: What do you mean hard to eat in the cafeteria? Why is that

t a bib on and have lunch at.[:

Brian: fair enough.

to the gen. Zs. Love you all.[:

Brian: I think that

Troy: I wanna give you the, the recognition you deserve. Gen X is the new great generation

Brian: Yeah.

best, because the thing is, [:

were the last generation to [:


million man.[:

Brian: Oh yeah.

glasses, he does it from, he [:

he spins around it. He goes [:

an where I'm from. And I had [:

id, you cannot have this TV. [:

and it [:

Brian: Oh,

Troy: I

re taking five minutes of my [:

Brian: Although YouTube sort of normalized that with the countdown.

ip those ones. YouTube did a [:

We could, I could talk a lot about this. I think it's the single biggest innovation on YouTube is the way they've done ads announce

about them stealing your ad [:

Troy: No, I just want, you know, I just think it's important with people like you, that that recognize

Brian: See, I still remember. I

Alex can back me up on this. [:

e called it the ticker ad, I [:

Brian: Yeah.

the little rich media popups [:

red of it and, and basically [:

Brian: Sounds a

Troy: should have just done that. I mean, honestly,

bly be in my year right now. [:

a better year, way better year.

our place, but then like you [:

a scam.

est, I think it'd be cool to [:

hat, um, even with inflation [:

Troy: Well, you know what they say about boats two best days, day, you get it day. You sell it.

Brian: Yeah. [:

Troy: That's cool, but that's not very social, is it?

ian: have you've met, you've [:

Troy: Yeah, lots of them, but you I'm

Brian: they're weirdos, they're all

asement. I mean, it's creepy.[:

Brian: Yeah, but it's like, I don't know if you have like that much, you know, money, you do things like you, you buy a submarine. I,

I'm just wondering what you [:

Brian: it's taking people on trip. You're

fish and all kinds of stuff?[:

es, because it was some like [:

The guy, the researcher was like, yeah, like I'm always just trying to borrow submarines because all the billionaires own them.

lly you got Cru toay in cent [:

(Quiet quitting? )

e is a shift happening right [:

ng on the productivity front [:

I think people want to build [:

rent day than getting on the [:

Brian: For wait, wait, so [:

g as there's ways for you to [:

That's last. and, [:

Look, I sound like fucking Scott

Galloway and,

Brian: progressive. You have at least what you have one kid in the workforce or two kids in the workforce.

Troy: My son's [:

Brian: But like, do you advise them to go to the office if they had like a white collar job?

t advise them at that level. [:

Brian: oh, that's good. Um, all right. We gotta leave it there because I have to sell.

Troy: what are you talking [:

is it MAA? No, not MAA. Um, [:

Brian: I dunno, I have to go[:

Yerba Mate the passion fruit [:

ave that in, in Miami beach, [:

Troy: You, you have it for sure. By the way, I think you can find it. Yes.

Brian: awesome. Let's leave it there cuz I gotta talk without brain.

Troy: [:

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